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Casinos in California's Central Valley: The Central Valley area of California is made up of both the Sacramento Valley and the San Joaquin Valley. It is also full of casinos! The Sacramento Valley portion, which is the Northern part of the Central Valley gets 20 inches of rain each year. The San Joaquin Valley side however is very dry and sees little rain at all. The Central Valley in general is very hot - and so is the gambling!

Fresno County casinos and gambling
75 Jackpot Winners a day at Chukchansi Casino in Central Valley California - In Fresno California, casino fans can find the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino which is currently featuring the hot new Sex and The City slots! In addition this high class casino boasts a 56,000-square-foot gaming floor and hosts 1,800 slot machines and 42 table games! Most Central Valley casinos offer a line-of-credit to those who qualify.

Other Casinos in the Fresno area include: Club One Casino located on Van Ness Avenue, where you can watch your favorite horse races in the comfort of the racing lounge, The Clovis 500 Club and the Van Ness Card Room.

There are three casinos located in Kern County, California. The smallest of the three is likely the newer Aldo's Cardroom located in Delano California. Delano is in the San Joaquin Valley (Southern portion of Central Valley). Also located in Kern County is Diamond Jim's Casino on West Rosamond, which features Holdem Poker in both limit and no limit varieties, blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, 3 Card Poker. Last but not least, in Bakersfield, California there is the Golden West Casino which features 20 varieties of poker. Golden West Casino is located in Bakersfield California and offers one of the largest selections of casino games in the county, including just about every poker variety that comes to mind. Crazy Pineapple's on offer, as is lowball, and even electronic Texas Holdem. In addition they offer 21st century no bust blackjack.

If you're in the area and want to try something else, check out The Oasis cardroom located on Ridgecrest Boulevard in Ridgecrest, California.

Madera County: There's just one casino in Madera County, and we're using the word casino pretty loosely here, La Primavera Pool Hall & Cafe . There's also just one casino in Kings County, Royal Flush Casino on Highway 45.

Merced County is home to the Merced Poker Room and Poker Flats. Both rooms offer card tables and blackjack.

There are five Central Valley Casinos in San Joaquin County - First, the Cameo Club Casino whose motto is "Save Gas, Gamble in Stockton". That pretty much sums up the highlights for that particular card room. The casino offers most card games, holdem poker, double hand poker, No Bust Blackjack, Omaha, and Omaha Hi Lo.

Casino Real offers a pretty similar selection in Manteca. Poker Games including crazy pineapple, fast action holdem, standard holdem poker games, lowball, pan, razz, and Super Pan are all available.

Comstock and Delta card rooms are also in this area of Central Valley, as is Wine Country Casino which only offers Draw Poker, Lowball and Texas Holdem games. Wine Country Casino is a clean and classy card room where one might go to watch a UFC match without a cover charge.

Within a 20 mile radius of each other, you'll find Mike's Card Casino, Casino Real Card Room (mentioned above), Turlock Poker Room and Empire Sportsmen's Association. These casinos are all relativity small card rooms, not offering slot machines or video gaming.

In Tulare County you will find 5 more casinos from California's Central Valley. In Woodlake you will find El Resbalon Casino it is located on Valencia Boulevard and features 5 Card Stud poker. Also in Woodlake La Fuerza Casino features Mexican Stud, Paco, Pan and Long Hand.

Another small casino in the area is Gloria's Lounge which offers area gamblers a place to play a handful of poker game varieties in addition to No Bust Blackjack.

Finally, The Mint Casino and the Sundowner Card Room are the last two casinos on our list here of Central Valley Casinos. These two casinos also offer a small variety of poker games, such as 4 Card Draw offered by The Mint Casino, and Five Card Stud played over at Sundowner.


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