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List of card rooms in California

California Poker Scene

What type of Poker is available?

California is already seen as the entertainment capital of the US. With large incomes and lavish lifestyles, casinos are a logical extension of the entertainment needs of this affluent community. California could soon become the number one casino gambling market in the country. California’s casinos can mostly be found in the Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento areas. There is a healthy influx of poker-playing tourists into California every year.

Many of them rush to California’s poker rooms where games like Texas hold’em and No Limit hold’em are played. You can also find a good game of Texas hold’em in any of the fine poker clubs and rooms across California. These establishments are not connected to casinos; are mostly smoke-free and cater to the poker playing public. Poker tournaments bring out the competitiveness and the talent in poker players in both casinos, and poker rooms. Once again, Texas hold’em seems to be the most popular game.

Now, charity tournaments are the new rage across California. Furthermore, in a state where privacy is a rare commodity, private Home Poker games are gaining new ground.

California Casino Poker Rooms

From the opulent to the down-right decadent, California’s casinos can provide you with the ideal poker room of your choice. The discerning poker player would prefer a game of Texas hold’em in the comfort of California’s famed luxury casino properties. Here, they have access to accommodation, food, shopping, and most importantly, round-the-clock poker tournaments.

California Poker Clubs

For those who like the privacy and exclusivity of a private poker club, you will not be disappointed in California. It is common for most clubs and associations to have their own card rooms. Here, members and their guests can play a handsome Texas hold’em while being waited on by attendants. In this set-up, you get the privacy that you need, yet have someone else to take care of the details. Other than this, you can also find poker rooms in California that are open to the public.

Home Poker Scene in California

In a culture where most people have little or no privacy and the affluent have both the time and sheer space to work from home, playing poker from home has also caught on in California. With the lure of casinos fading, and the love of poker on the rise, home poker may be the future of poker in California.

Charity Tournaments

Casinos and Poker Clubs in California are promoting poker as a fun game, as well as supporting worthy causes by organizing charity tournaments. Obviously, the biggest draw in this media driven state would be the celebrities who participate in these tournaments to raise money for their favorite charity. If a celebrity wins the tournament, their entire winnings are donated to the charity for which the tourney is being held. If one of the other participants wins the charity tournament, a sizeable portion of their winnings is given to the charity.

In addition, they earn bonus points for every celebrity that they manage to knock out of the game. There is healthy participation for such events as the prize money runs into tens of thousands. Not bad for a day’s Texas hold’em. In most cases, the total prize or donation money that the organizers put into the tournament may well exceed 25,000. Charitable organizations in California are happy as they are able to raise both awareness and money form poker charity tournaments.

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