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Sports-crazed Californians looking to become more invested in the on-field action can turn to daily fantasy sports (DFS). There are a number of DFS apps available to California residents, including both big names and smaller brands, such as Outlast DFS California. Even though Outlast is less familiar, it’s still worth exploring for those interested in using a promo to access a well-rounded DFS experience.

We’ll address more details about the Outlast DFS app, including how a user can download it, its unique features, and the type of player the platform may appeal to the most — which will include a lot of sports fans upset California sports betting wasn’t legalized in the 2022 election.

Outlast DFS California Promo Code

Users can claim 100% up to $200.

Promo Offer100% match on initial deposit, up to $200
Terms And ConditionsMust play through the bonus credit once before withdrawal
States Where Outlast Is Available19 states, including CA and OR
Promo Code Verified ForJune 2024

A customer’s first deposit must be a minimum of $20 in order to qualify to receive up to $200 in bonus funds in the form of extra points. Extra points will be awarded to the user immediately but withdrawal is only allowed with the following play-through requirement: for every $1 deposited on Outlast, the equal amount must be spent from the current balance on cash entries before a withdrawal is permitted.

Outlast DFS California App Review

Outlast’s app is easy to use and navigate with a home page interface that is laid out in a manner that is both easy to read and navigate. The color scheme changes depending on which Outlast game a user is playing. over/under has a black and orange color scheme while Survival Pool is blue and black, and Purse–the upcoming game offering–is green and black. 

It’s easy to toggle from game to game and to access history, current entries, the deposit/withdrawal screen, and player account. Each sport that is available on Outlast can be accessed in a row atop the screen and the players available for each game show prominently on the main screen.

Overall, users shouldn’t have any issues playing on the Outlast app. And if any issues do arise, Outlast has a robust FAQ page and customer support options. 

Outlast DFS California App Compatibility & Sign-Up Guide

Outlasts’ mobile app is available to both iOS and Android users. Those with Apple devices can find and download the app in the App Store. Meanwhile, those on Android devices can do the same by heading to the Google Play Store.

Upon downloading the app, users will be required to provide personal information in order to complete registration. This information may include name, address, social security number among other information. Users may be hesitant about providing certain personal information, but this is a necessary step to help the app provide the most secure experience.

Outlast DFS California Deposits & Withdrawals

Outlast accepts deposits in the form of credit/debit card, ACH, and Skrill. The minimum deposit amount is $20. However, considering Outlast’s 100% deposit bonus of up to $200, users who anticipate spending a lot of time on the app may want to consider a larger initial deposit.

Withdrawal is available via Skrill or ACH, as long as it’s from the same bank account from which the initial deposit was made.

While other DFS apps may offer a slightly more robust set of options through which to withdraw winnings and deposit funds, prospective users of Outlast shouldn’t be discouraged.

Types Of DFS Contests On Outlast California

Outlast offers its users access to two signature games–with a third in the works. The two games that are currently available are its Outlast over/under solo game and Survivor Pool, DFS’s only over/under survival pool.

In Outlast’s solo over/under game, a user will choose “over” or “under” on a player’s projected stats. If the user chooses incorrectly, the game is over and entry forfeited. However, if the user gets three picks in a row, they can claim the winnings. Or, if the user wants to roll the dice, they have the option of continuing to play and roll over–and increase –the winnings with more correct choices. This part of the game isn’t dissimilar from contestants on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. The potential winnings increase, but so does the risk–if a user misses on their choice, the money and entry are lost.

In Outlast’s Survivor Pool game, a user chooses “over” or “under” on two players’ projected stats each day. The pool is over for those who choose incorrectly. Those who get two picks correct remain alive and move on to the next day where they’ll choose two more players to finish “over” or “under.” Users continue to play each day for the chance to claim the entry fees of those who have been eliminated.

3 Reasons Why You’ll Like Outlast DFS California

Fun Games

While a lot of DFS platforms are similar in the type of games they offer–i.e. full roster DFS contests–Outlast provides its users with a unique experience between their two main offerings. Currently, users can play the solo Over/Under game or the Survivor game. Outlast will soon release a third game, called Purse, which should be a hit among golf fans.

Easy To Navigate

Upon downloading the app, users shouldn’t have an issue navigating throughout the app. It’s easy to toggle between the different games that Outlast offers, and a breeze to find the pages necessary on the home screen. While there is a decent amount to digest on the main screen, it’s easy to get a grip on what and where everything is.

Customer Support

If users find themselves stuck for any particular reason, Outlast offers methods through which they can find answers to their questions. Not only is there an FAQs page that offers a lot of answers to questions that may arise, but they also have a customer support chat function.

Outlast DFS California Overall Review

All in all, Outlast provides users with a quality and unique DFS experience that sports fans will almost certainly enjoy. Even though it’s not considered among the biggest brands in the DFS market, its offerings make it a worthy addition to a Californian’s DFS rotation. In addition to fun games and multiple methods through which to deposit and withdraw funds, Outlast offers a slick user interface that is easy to navigate.

DFS users owe it to themselves to give Outlast a run. If there is any negative for us to mention, it may be the minimum deposit of $20.

Outlast DFS California FAQs

Where is Outlast legal?

While DFS may reside in a gray area in some states, such as California, it is legal in 19 states, including California and Oregon.

How old do I need to be to use Outlast?

The legal age for a user to be able to participate in DFS is 18 years old.

 Is Outlast safe to use?

Yes. Like its competitors in the market, Outlast takes great care to protect its users’ money and personal information. It’s best for users to stick with a legitimate app as opposed to venturing offshore or seeking illegal, unregulated methods through which to play DFS.

Can I use Outlast on my iPhone or Android?

Yes. Both iOS and Android users will be able to download and use Outlast’s mobile app.

How can I deposit and withdraw at Outlast?

Outlast offers multiple deposit and withdrawal options for users. Deposits can be made through Skrill and ACH. Withdrawals can be made via the same platforms provided it’s the same bank account from which the deposit was made.

Does Outlast offer a welcome bonus?

Yes. Outlast offers new users a 100% deposit match bonus up to $200.

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