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TVG is easily the biggest name in both live horse race streaming and wagering. It’s the only 24-hour broadcast station dedicated to handicap horse races in the entire US, and it offers twin, live racing channels for horse race enthusiasts. Both of these can be accessed through its dedicated TVG horse racing app in California and through its website.

For horse race enthusiasts in California, TVG’s horse betting app is one of the best options they can use to put money down on races from the comfort of their own homes without having to visit an off-track betting parlor or physical racetrack.

Want to get started using TVG but don’t know where to begin? This page will break down everything you need to know about TVG horse racing in California in detail.

TVG Promo Code for California Horse Racing (4.8/5)

Visit: TVG California to claim a 50% deposit match bonus of up to $250

One of the big reasons that TVG is the world’s most popular mobile horse racing app is because of its opening bonus. In California, all new account holders get access to a 50% deposit match bonus of up to $250.

It only applies to your first wager, and you have to input TVG’s horse racing promo code. But it’s very easy to utilize. Simply make your initial wager and, if you lose, TVG will reimburse you with up to $300 of site credit. Then you can use that credit on another bet before withdrawing it as cash.

TVG’s horse racing bonus is ultimately very easy to take advantage of, making it great for both newcomers and experienced horse race bettors who don’t want to lose their initial stockpile of betting cash.

Quality of TVG’s Horse Racing App In California (4.8/5)

The TVG horse racing mobile app is also high quality, which has added to its excellent reputation. There are very few differences between the mobile app and the browser version, so both iPhone and Android users should have a similar experience when it comes to navigation. Fortunately, the desktop site is optimized for mobile use.

Either way, the website is relatively minimalist and isn’t cluttered with a lot of announcements or ads. The TVG logo at the top showcases the upcoming races that are about to air. You can also click on these logos to flip through a variety of upcoming races and check out popular live streams.

Even better, TVG’s mobile horse betting app makes expert analysis and opinions easy to find. With this information, you can make educated wagers as you navigate to the betting lines of your choice.

All in all, it’s a very well-designed and intuitive app without much lag or stuttering, even when traffic is high.

Availability of TVG’s Horse Betting App In California (4/5)

As mentioned, TVG’s mobile app is only available to iPhone users. So it loses points because there isn’t a mobile version available for any Android users. Hopefully, TVG will release an Android version of the app sometime in the near future.

Fortunately, the desktop site is fairly well optimized for mobile devices. But it’s still not quite the same as opening a dedicated app on your mobile phone or tablet. Still, it’s nice that all California residents can access TVG in one way or another. You just have to be 21 years of age or older.

TVG Horse Betting Options (4.8/5)

On either the desktop site or the mobile app, you’ll find a variety of bet types and horse racing information on TVG’s horse racing app. These can be very useful for new bettors looking to place smart if conservative wagers or experienced horse race bettors looking to place riskier but potentially profitable wagers.

Win, place, and show bets are some of the most commonly available. But you’ll also be able to place more exotic types of wagers, like pick wagers, exacta wagers, trifecta wagers, and even superfecta bets. Quinella, box, key, and wheel bets are available as well.

As you can see, TVG’s mobile horse betting site has no limitations when it comes to wagering variety and opportunities. With this in mind, TVG could serve as a great long-term horse racing app if you want to learn to become a better bettor (pun intended!) and start making exotic wagers over time as you get more experience.

TVG Live Horse Racing And Betting In California (4.6/5)

Technically, live horse race wagers aren’t possible since the rules prevent people from putting money down on races that have already begun. However, TVG does let you place wagers on live races that are about to be streamed on its interface.

You can put money down and watch the action unfold on your mobile device. Keep in mind that all of the odds for these bets will be calculated by both professional oddsmakers and automatic algorithms. In this way, the odds are updated on a moment-to-moment basis. Be sure to place your wager quickly if you find a betting line that looks attractive!

Fortunately, the TVG live racing interface is smooth and very easy to use. It’s not too complex and even new horse race wagerers should be able to grasp its intricacies fairly quickly.

TVG California Horse Racing App: Overall Score (4.7/5)

In the end, TVG has more than earned its reputation as the best online horse race wagering app in California and beyond. While there are several quality competitors, including Twin Spires and the upcoming BetMGM horse race betting app, TVG will likely be a major player in this industry for years to come thanks to its excellent mobile app, its fantastic betting odds and wager types, and the live stream interface. 

California Online Horse Racing

Despite its ban on most other types of online wagering, California has a rich history with online horse racing. This is partially due to the spread of prestigious racetracks you can find. Online horse race betting has been legal since 2000, and the pari-mutuel model has been legal for several decades before then.

California Racetracks

As mentioned, California has some of the most popular and truly beautiful racetracks in the US. But it also hosts many of the most famous tournaments and derbies. For example, TVG will often stream races from racetracks like:

  • Golden Gate Fields, which is located near San Francisco and offers thoroughbred races from between December and June and between October and November
  • Del Mar Fairgrounds, another thoroughbred racetrack with enough seating for 44,000 people
  • Los Alamitos Race Course, a 1947 racecourse that offers racing all year round and potentially profitable tournament prizes, reaching up to $2 million per person
  • Santa Anita Park, located in Southern California and featuring enough space for nearly 100,000 people. Both the Breeders’ Cup and the Santa Anita Derby are held here every year

Popular Horse Racing Events In California

California is the site of some of the country’s most important horse racing events. For example, the Santa Anita Handicap is one of the top 10 most prestigious horse races in all of the US, and it is held at the Santa Anita Park every year.

The Breeders’ Cup is also frequently held at Santa Anita Park, although it also takes place in other racecourses throughout the country depending on hosting arrangements. The Santa Anita Derby is famous both for its intense action and for its tendency to elevate horse racers to champion status. For example, the Santa Anita Derby has been won by previous champions like Seabiscuit, Spectacular Bid, and Affirmed.

Then there’s the TVG Pacific Classic (named for this very operator). It’s held at Del Mar and is one of the most popular races for underdog riders looking to make names for themselves.

TVG California Horse Betting App FAQs

Is it legal to use TVG’s horse betting app in California

Yes. TVG is one of the most popular horse betting apps in the entire country, and online horse betting is legal in California. Thus, TVG entered the California market almost as soon as it initially opened for online bets.

Is online horse race betting legal in California?

Yes, along with in-person horse race wagering as well. Horse race betting has been legal ever since the adoption of the pari-mutuel model, which pools bettors’ cash together into a combined winnings pool from which stake handlers or moderators can take a cut of the profits.

Is it safe to place bets using TVG in California?

Yes. Not only does TVG have high-quality security measures, like SSL certification, but all customers get access to every horse racetrack’s total betting menu. They get full track odds for every winning wager, so anyone can investigate the odds and payouts themselves to ensure that things are running fairly.

Where can you download TVG’s horse racing mobile app?

TVG is currently available as both an app for IOS users and as a desktop platform. Unfortunately, Android users don’t have a dedicated app they can check out, though TVG has announced its intention to create such an app in the future.

How old do you need to be to place sports bets in California?

21. This is the minimum gambling age for all types of activities in California, including placing wagers on horse races.

Does TVG let you place live bets in California?

Technically, yes. While it’s not the same thing as the live betting interface you’ll find on legal sportsbooks sites, TVG does update its odds live and let you place wagers on horse races you can watch right from the app’s screen. However, you can’t place bets on races that have already begun.

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