TwinSpires Horse Racing App California 2024

There still may not be legal sports betting in California, but pari-mutuel horse race betting is, along with online sweepstakes poker and online sweepstakes casinos. That’s great news for fans of online horse race wagering, especially since great apps like TwinSpires are available and ready for download right now.

If you have never used TwinSpires and don’t know what to expect, we have you covered. Let’s take a look at the TwinSpires Horse Racing California mobile app in detail including bonus information so you can determine whether you want to bet on horse races with this platform.

TwinSpires Horse Racing California Promo Code for July 2024

TwinSpires Promo CodeSign Up Now
Deposit / Match Bonus$200 wagering bonus
What States Allow TwinSpires?39 states, including Arizona, California, and Oregon
Where is TwinSpires app available?IOS, Android, desktops

How to Register for a TwinSpires Horse Racing California Account

Registering for a new TwinSpires account is quick and easy. Because sports betting of any type isn’t technically legal in California, there’s no partnered casino you need to visit to complete the registration process.

  • Download TwinSpires on your mobile device or visit the desktop site. Select the state from which you are registering, in this case, California
  • Then click “register”
  • Fill out the required personal information, like your name, address, and date of birth
  • Once you have finished the registration form, fill out to security questions and give the answers
  • TwinSpires will verify that you are 21 or older and finalize your account

TwinSpires Horse Racing California: Bonus and Promotional Grade (4.0/5.0)

To inspire residents to try California horse race betting on TwinSpires, the mobile app offers an attractive $200 wagering bonus. However, how much bonus credit you get is contingent on your wagering activity.

In a nutshell, the bonus unlocks at a $100 rate per $400 you wager during your account’s first 30 days of activity. If you wager $800 worth of money in your first 30 days, you’ll get another $200 in site credit. Then you only have to play through the credit once before you can withdraw it as cash.

On the downside, this does require you to be fairly aggressive with your horse race wagering right out of the gate. On the plus side, this is a great way to try out TwinSpires if you’ve never used it before and don’t know what to expect. But that’s not all TwinSpires offers, especially for long-time horse racing app users.

In fact, the TwinSpires California app includes a dedicated promotions page. Just click on the TwinSpires logo, then click “Promotions.” Admittedly, finding this promo page is not the easiest and it certainly counts against the sportsbook overall.

The promotions page has ongoing bonus offers, most of which require you to opt in to them. These promos allow you to control when you benefit from odds boosts or other bonuses. 

All in all, TwinSpires’s opening bonus is decent enough, though it does require more aggression from new players than many horserace app competitors. It’s also nice that there’s always a range of ongoing promos to take advantage of. However, the TwinSpires promo page is difficult to find and we don’t expect this to be very simple for new horserace wagerers.

TwinSpires Horse Racing California: Market Depth and Variety Grade (5.0/5.0)

Any great horse race wagering app should have plenty of racing markets for you to check out. TwinSpires doesn’t disappoint in this regard. In fact, when you download the mobile app, you can bet on races both in the US and internationally, including tracks in countries like the UK, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and more.

You can simply log into your account and view any tracks that are hosting races that day. In this way, TwinSpires makes it easy for you to jump into immediate horserace wagering action. Alternatively, you can organize your horserace wagers by category. For example, TwinSpires lets you filter out races by thoroughbred, harness, and Greyhound racing depending on your preferences. There are other filters, as well, such as time to post, alphabetically, and so on.

No matter what type of bet you wish to place, TwinSpires provides it through an online format. You can place standard win, place, and show bets, or exotic bets on any race found on this app. That’s because TwinSpires’s pari-mutuel bets are co-mingled with any bets taken at physical tracks.

That’s a great thing if you’re looking for a big payout. Since the bets are all combined together, there are bigger purses and payouts for bettors each time a race is held. Overall, TwinSpires’s market depth and variety are certainly one of the most attractive aspects of this mobile horse racing app.

TwinSpires Horse Racing California: Deposit and Cashout Grade (4.75)

Since TwinSpires is a fully legal horserace wagering platform, it also provides you with a variety of deposit options. These include but are not limited to:

  • ACH transfers
  • Bill pay deposits
  • Debit or credit card transfers
  • Personal check transfers
  • PayPal transfers
  • Wire transfers

There are, unfortunately, only a handful of withdrawal options, such as ACH transfers, PayPal transfers, and physical checks. Keep in mind that any PayPal transfers do charge a $1 service fee. On the plus side, these electronic transfer methods usually take only one to two business days to go through. Naturally, you can always visit Churchill Downs or other physical racetracks to withdraw your winnings in person.

Overall, TwinSpires’s deposit options are varied and flexible. The withdrawal options could be a little more player-friendly in our opinion.

TwinSpires Horse Racing California App: Mobile App Grade (5.0/5.0)

You’ll also want to consider TwinSpires’s mobile app interface before downloading it to your device. The interface is usually pretty well-designed and straightforward. You can click between seven different interface types, allowing you to customize your betting experience. These include:

  • Classic, which is a simple interface without lots of additional information
  • Class, which displays pre-race info in addition to other information like average class, last class, and days off for individual horses
  • Speed, which displays every horse’s speed ratings and run style
  • Advanced, which is perfect for experienced horse race wagerers since it includes even more information like jockey win percentages, trainer win percentages, and so on
  • And more

These interface layouts are phenomenal through and through. They truly solidify TwinSpires as a top-tier app for horserace betting overall. The HD live stream interface is also well-designed. You can view live and HD racing video streams for almost every race you can bet on by simply visiting a track’s betting menu, then clicking the integrated video link. Adding horses to your ticket takes just a couple of button presses.

Lastly, TwinSpires does have a loyalty program. This comprehensive program rewards you for wagering at most racetracks, plus bonus points for wagering at the Churchill Downs racetrack specifically. As you accumulate points, you can eventually earn VIP ranks plus special prizes like free racetrack admission, free programs, VIP events, and so on. It’s another great way to reward you for doing what you love: betting on popular horse races!

Bottom line: TwinSpires’s mobile app is very well-designed no matter your operating device and your needs. Whether you are a beginner to horserace betting or an experienced wagerer, you’ll find that TwinSpires caters to your wagering needs quite well.

TwinSpires: Overall Grade (4.6/5.0)

All in all, TwinSpires proves its value as a top-tier horse race wagering app for California residents and those beyond.

It offers an excellent mobile app interface that you can customize based on how much information you want on each racing horse and jockey. It also provides a wealth of horserace wagering opportunities for events at tracks all around the world.

TwinSpires’s opening bonus could be a little better and new player friendly, but its ongoing promotions mean that there’s always a way to maximize your profits. TwinSpires is certainly one of the best overall choices for online/mobile horserace betting in California.

How to Place a Bet on TwinSpires Horse Racing California

When you use the TwinSpires mobile app, placing a bet is fairly quick and simple. All you have to do is select a specific track and race from your interface. Once you do this, you can choose from one of the above-mentioned seven interfaces to view extra information or tips for the race.

Click “play” at any time to watch the live racing feed. If you want to add a course to your betting slip, choose the bet type, then tap on the horse you wish to add to your ticket. It’s that simple. Because all of the tips or other information for individual horses are included in that section, you also don’t have to flip between different screens to make educated wagering choices. Placing bets on TwinSpires California is straightforward and takes just seconds.

Common Bets at TwinSpires Horse Racing California

As noted earlier, TwinSpires California lets you place practically any wager you can imagine for your chosen horse races. These include standard bets like:

  • Show wagers
  • Place wagers
  • Win wagers

However, you can also place “exotic” bets, many of which involve betting on the placements or victories of multiple horses. Some exotic bets even comprise race outcomes for several races in a given event, like a complete derby.

Remember, each online bet placed on TwinSpires is co-mingled with physical bets at in-person racetracks. That way, betting pools are larger, and so are your potential payouts for each bet you place!

Is TwinSpires Horse Racing California Legit?

Absolutely. TwinSpires is one of the most well-established and trustworthy mobile horserace betting apps in the country. It’s considered legitimate in California because:

  • It’s currently available in a variety of other states, ranging from Massachusetts to West Virginia to Alabama.
  • It is regularly reviewed by several states’ authoritative gambling commissions, especially those states where TwinSpires sports betting is also available.
  • TwinSpires has run a successful horserace betting app for several years without any fraud or legal incidents.
  • TwinSpires has SSL certification and other forms of digital security to protect both your funds and your personal information from hackers.
  • TwinSpires is owned directly by Churchill Downs, so it has a direct legal tie to the horse racing industry.

Overall, TwinSpires is a legitimate and safe place to spend your money if you like betting on horse races online.

Why Choose TwinSpires Horse Racing California Over Offshore Betting Sites?

There are lots of reasons to avoid offshore or unregulated betting sites for online horse racing, including:

  • Their lack of digital security. Unregulated betting sites are usually very poorly made and may not have something as simple as SSL certification. Even if they don’t steal your funds, nothing stops another hacker from stealing your funds or personal information when using an offshore betting site.
  • Their lack of trustworthiness. An unregulated betting site by definition is already breaking the law. What’s to stop them from stealing your money once you make an initial deposit?
  • Their lack of horserace betting quality. Unregulated betting sites don’t usually have instant live stream access to current races, never mind excellent bets from legitimate racing pools or purses. Simply put, you won’t have time when using an illegal horse race betting app.

Since California doesn’t outlaw online horse race bets whatsoever, you also don’t have any reason to use an unregulated betting site when TwinSpires or other alternatives exist. However, note that online sports betting, in general, is still not legal in California. Therefore, you have to make sure that you download the horse race wagering app from TwinSpires specifically, not TwinSpires Sports, which is the more general sports betting app.

Why Can You Trust TwinSpires Horse Racing California With Your Money?

TwinSpires is a much more trustworthy alternative to even the most attractive offshore betting site. TwinSpires uses SSL certification, antivirus measures, and other digital security techniques to keep your funds or personal information safe at all times.

All this means that you can trust your funds to stay in your account when you make a deposit. In the event that there is a digital breach, TwinSpires is on the hook to repay its users due to the insurance policies it has in most states where it operates.

On top of that, TwinSpires’ owner, Churchill Downs, is committed to maintaining the mobile betting app’s reputation and quality over the long term. TwinSpires is innovative and always adding new ways to enjoy mobile horserace bets from the comfort of your couch. This dedication to quality means you’ll be able to enjoy TwinSpires safely for years to come.

TwinSpires Horse Racing California Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?18
What states is TwinSpires legal in?39 states, including Arizona, California, and Oregon

TwinSpires Horse Racing California FAQs

Is it legal to bet on horse racing online at TwinSpires in California? 

Yes. Pari-mutuel online horse race wagering is illegal throughout California, so there are many different apps to check out.

Is TwinSpires in California legit?

Yes. TwinSpires is one of the most trustworthy and legitimate online horse race betting apps available.

How do you get paid if you win at TwinSpires in California?

TwinSpires has several different withdrawal options, including physical checks or PayPal transfers.

Is live betting available at TwinSpires horse racing app in California?

Yes. TwinSpires allows you to view live HD footage of current horse races when using its mobile app, regardless of whether you place a bet or not.

Can I sign up for TwinSpires from anywhere in California?

Yes. You do not need to visit any in-person location to complete the TwinSpires registration process. Registration can be completed entirely remotely and within a few minutes.

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