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Christopher Gerlacher is a Senior Contributor with California Casinos. He is a versatile and experienced writer with an impressive portfolio who has range from political and legislative pieces to sports and sports betting. He's a devout Broncos fan, for better or for worse, living in the foothills of Arvada, Colorado.Despite growing up in Dallas, his favorite teams are the Broncos and the Rockies. Although most of his adopted teams have been struggling, the Avs have been a bright spot in Colorado’s sports scene.

About Chris Gerlacher

Christopher Gerlacher got his B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder with dual emphases in entrepreneurship and human resources. He applied his love for writing with his education in entrepreneurship to launch his writing career. Currently, he writes for Gaming Today, Toronto Sports Media, and a family of other sports betting sites. He enjoys focusing on startups and new ideas that are trying to gain traction within the gambling industry. Recently, he has begun a series of political articles for bettors interested in betting on election outcomes on PredictIt. These articles apply political theory and history to give readers the tools to improve their betting systems and predictions on PredictIt.

Outside the gambling industry, he has been published in The Daily Camera and Free Inquiry. His first op-ed in the Daily Camera criticized CU Boulder for the high rates of sexual violence on campus reported in its 2015 sexual misconduct survey. Shortly before graduation, he wrote a follow up op-ed criticizing the lack of action on the survey’s findings. His work in Free Inquiry grapples with issues of moral, philosophical, and spiritual complexity.

Despite growing up in Dallas, his favorite teams are the Broncos and the Rockies. Although, his most of his adopted teams have been struggling, the Avs have been a bright spot in Colorado’s sports scene.

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According to a California Casinos survey, 60% of current and potential California sports bettors would rather have private sportsbooks run CA sports betting than gaming tribes. Part of that is likely because mobile sportsbooks would offer online sports betting. However, part of that may also be misunderstandings about how lucrative tribal gambling is for Native […]

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Sports betting is on California’s ballot this November. Various groups have tried to get four California sports betting initiatives on the 2022 ballot. However, only two have made the ballot: Prop 26, from the tribes, and Prop 27, from the private sportsbooks. A third initiative failed to gather enough signatures, and the sponsors of a […]

Exclusive Survey: 62% of CA Sports Bettors Already Place Sports Bets Online

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In a recently commissioned California Casinos survey, 62% of respondents who identify as sports bettors or are interested in sports betting said they’re already placing sports wagers online. Recognizing the clear current demand for unregulated sportsbooks is critical for California regulators to understand. Not only is unregulated sports betting driving Californians to offshore sportsbooks. The […]

California Sports Betting Revenue: An Insider’s Guide

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The heights that California sports betting revenue could reach make California a tantalizing sports betting market. California is the most populous states, at just under 40 million people, and it has enough wealth to support a lucrative sports betting industry. However, the financial terms can be confusing for bettors and analysts outside the sports betting […]

Why Some California Tribes Support Prop 27 and What It Means for Prop 26

July 29, 2022 | By: Chris Gerlacher

Prop 27 is California’s sports betting initiative that would allow private sportsbook companies to offer mobile sports betting. The California gaming tribes supporting Prop 26 oppose commercial control of sports betting. Instead, the tribal initiative would only allow in-person sports betting at tribal casinos. So, it may surprise some to see some tribes support Prop […]

Prop 26 or Prop 27: What Do California Instagram Users Think?

July 21, 2022 | By: Chris Gerlacher

Sports betting in California is on the 2022 midterms ballot, and Californians have two choices. They can choose in-person sports betting run by tribes, Prop 26, or online sports betting run by private sportsbook companies, Prop 27. Californians are making their voices heard on social media as they decide where they stand.  Online reactions to Prop […]

Five False Claims In California Midterm Elections Sports Betting Ads

June 3, 2022 | By: Chris Gerlacher

The California midterm elections include several heated ballot measures, including dueling sports betting propositions. California’s tribes back one and private sportsbook companies, like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM back the other. The tribal initiative is on the ballot, and the private company initiative is awaiting signature verification. So, Californians could have two sports betting initiatives to […]