Fliff Week 6 NFL, Week 7 College Football Picks: Eye-Popping Prop Pick in Chiefs vs. Bills

Sports fans looking for a legal way to bet on sports in California actually do have an option.

It’s called Fliff. It’s a promotional sweepstakes sports prediction app. In other words, it has players use two forms of fake digital currency, but one of those currencies can be redeemed for real cash prizes. So you can either play purely for fun, or you can play for money similar to how you would at a real-money sportsbook.

You can check out our review to answer the question you probably have: Is Fliff legit?

Then, after you’ve confirmed that it is, come on back here to get some advice for NFL and college football picks on Fliff this weekend. We struggled a bit with our picks last weekend (boo Lions, but yay Miami of Ohio!) but we’re jumping right back in.

So, without further adieu …

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Fliff NFL Week 6 Picks

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills — Either Team 3 Unanswered Scores (+220)

Are we reading this wrong? Because this kind of sort of feels like easy (Fliff) money.

On the bottom of the Bills vs. Chiefs box in Fliff, you’ll see “124 Markets” with a plus sign next to it. Click on that, then click on “Game Props” and scroll down to find the Either Team 3 Unanswered Scores pick.

Both of these offenses are way too good to fail for enough consecutive drives that the other offense can score three in a row unanswered. It’s written in the rules of the universe that it’s actually impossible for that to happen when Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are on the same field.


With +220 odds, you’d get 2.20 Fliff Cash back for every 1 you spend, and 2,200 Fliff Coins back for every 1,000 you put down.

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Minnesota Vikings (-3) at Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are a mess.

Tua Tagovailoa and Teddy Bridgewater are both in concussion protocol and likely won’t play Sunday. That means Skylar Thompson, a rookie out of Kansas State, would be in line to start.

Bridgewater feels more likely to return to action than Tagovailoa, but even then we’d like the Vikings by more than a field goal. This Minnesota team has scored more than 20 points in every game except a 23-7 stinker against Philadelphia.

Dalvin Cook is healthy. Kirk Cousins is playing well. Justin Jefferson is putting up eye-popping numbers.

Add that all together and it equals: Make this pick.

At -110 odds, you’d get 0.90 Fliff Cash for every 1 you spend, and 900 Fiff Coins for every 1,000 you spend.

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Los Angeles Chargers (-5.5) vs. Denver Broncos

We’re taking this pick for two reasons.

One: Justin Herbert looks healthier after his rib cartilage fracture.

Two: The Broncos look bad and Russell Wilson’s body double is apparently their quarterback.

Yes, Denver’s defense is awesome. So Los Angeles, even with a healthier Herbert, probably won’t pile up points in this one. But do we think the inept Broncos offense will score enough to be within 5 points at the final whistle? Nope.

Denver has scored 10 or fewer points three times this season, and it scored 16 in Week 1 against a putrid Seattle defense.

The Chargers are getting +100 odds to cover on Fliff. That means, if you wager 1 Fliff Cash, you’d profit 1. If you bet 1,000 Fliff Coins, you’d profit 1,000.

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Fliff College Football Week 7 Picks

USC (+140) at Utah

Frankly, we’re a bit surprised USC is the underdog at Utah this Saturday — by 4 points on Fliff.

Have the No. 7 Trojans looked incredible the past few weeks against Washington State, Arizona State, and Oregon State? Not particularly, no, although they’ve played better each week.

If we’re playing the transitive property game, No. 20 Utah throttled Oregon State 42-16 and USC only beat the Beavers 17-14 so that means … nothing. We don’t play the transitive property game here. It’s dangerous and has led many bettors astray in its destructive lifetime.

Bottom line is we think USC quarterback Caleb Williams will be the best player on the field Saturday. The Utah defense will be the best he and Trojans head coach Lincoln Riley have seen all season.

But we’re going to trust USC gets it done and gets its first marquee win of the season.

At +140 odds, you’ll get 1.40 Fliff Cash for every 1 you spend and 1,400 Fliff Coins for every 1,000 you spend.

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Nebraska (+13.5) at Purdue

Purdue hurt us last week. Shame on you, Boilermakers, for beating Maryland. That was selfish of you.

And because we’re still upset about that, we’re picking against you again this week.

That, and we think bettors love picking against Nebraska because it’s fun to do even though the Huskers probably aren’t 13.5 points worse than Purdue. Will Nebraska win this game? Probably not. But we’re willing to bet the Boilermakers’ shaky defense will bend enough that this will be a decently close game.

Nebraska always recruits well. It just hasn’t had a quality coach. (Sorry, Scott Frost.) The Huskers can put together a fine game here and there, and they’ve got enough talent to hang with an up-and-down Purdue team.

Fliff is giving Nebraska +100 odds to cover, so you’ll get 1 Fliff Cash back for every 1 you spend and 1,000 Fliff Coins back for every 1,000 you put down.

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Clemson (-3.5) at Florida State

Clemson has really impressed us this season. Florida State is headed in the right direction, but losses to North Carolina State and Wake Forest indicate the program is still a tier below Dabo Swinney’s Tigers.

(We’re not playing the transitive property game, we promise!)

Clemson followed its quality 30-20 win over NC State with a 31-3 stomp-down over Boston College last week. Expect the No. 4 Tigers to keep things rolling against Florida State. Not a blowout, but a relatively comfortable win.

You’ve got -115 odds for Clemson to cover right now. So that means you’d get 0.86 Fliff Cash for every 1 you spend and 860 Fliff Coins for every 1,000 you spend.

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Suggested BetOddsPayout
Chiefs vs. Bills — Either Team 3 Unanswered Scores (+220)+220Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 3,200 Fliff Coins / 3.20 Fliff Cash
Minnesota Vikings (-3) at Miami Dolphins-110Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 1,900 Fliff Coins / 1.90 Fliff Cash
Los Angeles Chargers (-5.5) vs. Denver Broncos+100Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 2,000 Fliff Coins / 2 Fliff Cash
USC (+140) at Utah+140Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 2,400 Fliff Coins / 2.40 Fliff Cash
Nebraska (13.5) at Purdue+100Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 2,000 Fliff Coins / 2.00 Fliff Cash
Clemson (-3.5) at Florida State-115Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 1,860 Fliff Coins / 1.86 Fliff Cash
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