Fliff Week 5 NFL, Week 6 College Football Picks: Riding Eagles Wave

Sadly for lots of sports fans, there is no legal sports betting in California right now.

Or … is there?

While it isn’t technically a real-money sportsbook, Fliff lets California make predictions on the outcomes of games for a chance at real cash prizes. It’s legal because you bet with two fake currencies — Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash. You can redeem Fliff Cash for real cash prizes, but Fliff Cash itself has no real-world value.

And if you use our Fliff promo code: SHARP, you’ll get started with a 100% match up to $100 in Fliff Coins, plus a purchase bonus of free Fliff Cash.

So, yes. Even though it looks like Prop 26 and Prop 27 will fail this November, there is still a fully legal option for Californians to make sports picks and win real money.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top NFL and college football picks we’re making on Fliff this week.

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Fliff Week 5 NFL Picks

Philadelphia Eagles (-5) at Arizona Cardinals

We’re just going to keep riding with the Eagles (4-0) until they give us a reason not to.

This could be a fun battle between Jalen Hurts (MVP candidate?) and Kyler Murray. Expect points — that’s why the Over/Under is set at 48.5. But the Eagles are looking like a Super Bowl contender, while the Cardinals (2-2) are likely a tier below.

Philadelphia has blown out the Vikings and Commanders, and won by a score against the Lions and Jaguars. This game will likely be closer to the one-score margin, but we’re confident that score would be a touchdown and not a field goal.

At -110 odds, you’d get 0.90 Fliff Cash for every 1 you spend and 900 Fliff Coins for every 1,000 you put down.

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Detroit Lions (+140) at New England Patriots

Fortune favors the bold, right? Then let’s take Detroit straight up in Foxborough.

But is this really even that bold?

The Lions (1-3) have a ridiculous offense — in a good way. They lead the NFL in points per game (35) and total yards per game (436.8). They also have a ridiculous defense — in a bad way. They’re worst in the NFL in points allowed per game (35.3) and yards allowed per game (444.8).

On the flip side, though, nothing about this Patriots (1-3) offense scares you. Especially without Mac Jones, who will be out for at least a few weeks with a severe ankle sprain. Their defense is just average. Middle of the pack.

So let’s do some math: Detroit prolific offense + average Patriots defense + depleted Patriots offense + awful Detroit defense …

Equals a close win for the Lions.

At +140 odds, a 1 Fliff Cash pick would get you 1.40 back, and a 1,000 Fliff Coin pick would get you 1,400 back.

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Kansas City Chiefs (-7.5) vs. Las Vegas Raiders

The Chiefs (3-1) played great in their 41-31 win over Tampa Bay last Sunday night. After an iffy year (for his lofty standards) last year, Patrick Mahomes is back to domination. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a dynamic playmaker. Travis Kelce is Travis Kelce. And the defense, like it always has in the Mahomes Era, does just enough.

Las Vegas (1-3), meanwhile, has been one of the more disappointing teams this season. It added superstar receiver Davante Adams after making the playoffs this past season.

But a 1-3 start through an admittedly tough schedule hasn’t exactly excited oddsmakers.

Gives us the red-hot Chiefs by a couple scores.

At +100 odds, you’ll get 1 Fliff Cash for every 1 you spend, and 1,000 Fliff Coins for every 1,000 you spend.

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Fliff Week 6 College Football Picks

Maryland (-3) vs. Purdue

We’re impressed with Maryland (4-1) so far this season. The Terps played Michigan the toughest of anyone a couple weeks ago, and they boast quality wins over Michigan State, SMU, and Buffalo. The defense won’t wow you, but the Mike Locksley-coached offense can score points in a hurry.

Purdue (3-2) had an impressive showing in a 35-31 Week 1 loss to Penn State, and it beat a hobbled Minnesota team 20-10 last week. But, as anyone who watches Big Ten football knows, the Boilermakers usually either look really good, or really meh.

Give us the meh this week in College Park.

The Terps are getting -110 odds to cover, so you’d get 0.90 Fliff Cash for every 1 you spend, and 900 Fliff Coins for every 1,000 you spend.

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Hawaii (+21.5) at San Diego State

San Diego State has been one of the more consistent Group of Five teams in recent years. And it’s traditionally produced dominant running backs. Donnell Pumphrey. Rashaad Penny. Heck, Marshall Faulk back in the day.

So, yeah, at face value, the Aztecs may seem like a three-score favorite against Hawaii.

But look closer at SDSU (2-3) this fall.

Its offensive coordinator left the program this past week after Aztec quarterbacks have combined for 328 passing yards through five weeks. That’s the worst in all of college football. It’s hard to try to be that inept, but SDSU has done it.

And their normally strong running back room is dealing with the injury bug.

Long story short: Is SDSU good enough in other facets of the game (special teams especially) to still beat Hawaii at home? Yes. Do we think this is going to be a three-score game? Heck no. Take Hawaii (1-4) to cover.

At -120 odds, you’ll get 0.80 Fliff Cash for every 1 you spend, and 800 Fliff Coins for every 1,000 you spend.

Miami of Ohio (+185) vs. Kent State

You could also pick Miami of Ohio (2-3) to just cover the 5.5-point spread. But we’re looking for a bigger reward than that, and we like the RedHawks at home against Kent State (2-3).

These longer odds are probably due to Kent State hanging tough for a few quarters with Georgia before losing 39-22 in Week 4. But we put that more on Georgia snoozing through the first half than Kent State being on par with the Bulldogs.

Sorry, Golden Flashes.

Meanwhile, Miami of Ohio topped Northwestern 17-14 in Week 4 on the road. Is Northwestern good this year? Goodness no. Is it still a Big Ten team that would probably win the MAC if it played in that conference this year? We’d take that bet.

The moral of the story: Take the RedHawks to at least cover this Saturday. And if you’re feeling frisky, pick them straight up.

At +185 odds, you’d get 1.85 Fliff Cash for every 1 you spend, and 1,850 Fliff Coins for every 1,000 you put down.

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Suggested BetOddsPayout
Philadelphia Eagles (-5) at Arizona Cardinals-110Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 1,900 Fliff Coins / 1.90 Fliff Cash
Detroit Lions (+140) at New England Patriots+140Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 2,400 Fliff Coins / 2.40 Fliff Cash
Kansas City Chiefs (-7.5) vs. Las Vegas Raiders+100Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 2,000 Fliff Coins / 2 Fliff Cash
Maryland (-3) vs. Purdue-110Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 1,900 Fliff Coins / 1.90 Fliff Cash
Hawaii (+21.5) at San Diego State-120Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 1,800 Fliff Coins / 1.80 Fliff Cash
Miami of Ohio (+185) vs. Kent State+185Pick: 1,000 Fliff Coins / 1 Fliff Cash
Payout: 2,850 Fliff Coins / 2.85 Fliff Cash
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