Fliff Promo: Get 100% Match Up to $100 in Fliff Coins

California sports betting will be on the ballot this November, but eager sports bettors have alternative options they can use before one or both of the state’s measures pass.

Fliff Social Sportsbook operates on a promotional sweepstakes model and is therefore live in California right now. It’s legal to play at Fliff, and new users can get a 100% match up to $100 in Fliff Coins. That equates to 2,000,000 Fliff Coins, and you’d also get a free bonus of $100 Fliff Cash.

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How Does Fliff Social Sportsbook Work?

When you play at Fliff, you’ll mainly use Fliff Coins. These have no cash value, and you can buy them from the Fliff Store on the website. When you sign up and/or buy Fliff Coins, you’ll also get Fliff Cash. If you use Fliff Cash to make your picks and win, you can eventually redeem Fliff Cash for cash prizes or gift cards.

The welcome bonus gives you up to a whopping 2,000,000 Fliff Coins to get started with. You can hone your picks and practice good betting strategies, then move over to Fliff Cash once you have a grasp on how it works. Or you can use the bonus credits to gear up for the inevitable California sports betting launch.

How Do You Get Real Money On Fliff?

I want to be ultra-clear here: Fliff is not a real money sportsbook. When you buy Fliff Coins, they have no monetary value. You can use them to make picks on the sportsbook, but you will not win real money. Betting with Fliff Cash gives you the opportunity to redeem winnings for cash prizes. It’s not the same as a traditional sportsbook, but you still have the opportunity to get cash prizes and gift cards if you win enough Fliff Cash.

In short: Can you get real money on Fliff? Yes, in a way. You need to play with Fliff Cash, winning enough to redeem it for prizes. Prizes can include gift cards to your favorite retailers or cash.

Is Fliff Trustworthy?

Yes. Fliff operates legally in numerous jurisdictions. Washington and Idaho bar sweepstakes sites completely. In other markets, such as California, Fliff is allowed to offer its services and is safe to use.

If you win enough Fliff Cash to redeem for prizes, you’ll need to submit some personal information to confirm your age and identity. Fliff has numerous measures in place to protect your data, so you can safely offer it to the platform to get your prizes.

Fliff in Other States

Does Fliff work in Florida, Texas, or other states without fully legal sports betting? Yes, it does. There are many populous states that, like California, have yet to authorize online sports betting. Fliff is an excellent alternative to traditional sportsbooks in those states.

Fliff has some competitors that also allow free-to-play sports betting or similar sweepstakes models. oddFlex is one such option. With oddFlex, players can eventually make money if other users want to pay to see their picks.

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