2 Apps Let You Legally Make Money on California Sports Betting. And They’re Free.

Believe it or not, there is already legal sports betting in California. Sort of.

While Californians await the outcomes Prop 26 and Prop 27 on the Nov. 8 election ballot, they can partake in social sports prediction games that closely resemble online sports betting. And, yes, you can make real money.

Fliff Sportsbook and oddFlex are two social sportsbooks that offer free-to-play sports betting in California. Both provide iOS and Android apps with slick interfaces similar to real-money sports betting apps. Fliff and oddFlex are specifically designed for mobile phones, not tablets. The apps don’t require any deposits of real money.

The standard features of the apps include:

  • Virtual currency
  • Daily promotions and rewards
  • Leaderboards

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Fliff Sportsbook Unique Features

Fliff promises users a fun, immersive social sports betting experience. Users can compete with and against friends.

The sports betting app is completely legal in California because it uses the promotional sweepstakes model. That’s the same model used by popular casino and poker sites Chumba Casino and Global Poker.

Promotional sweepstakes sites have players play with fake digital currency that has no real-world value. However, when you rack up a certain amount of that fake currency, you can redeem it for real cash prizes.

There are two currencies in Fliff: Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash. Fliff Coins are the much more prevalent currency and they cannot be redeemed for real cash prizes. Fliff Cash isn’t as easy to get, and it can be redeemed for real cash prizes. One easy way to get Fliff Cash is by using our Fliff Sportsbook promo code to get $25 in Fliff Cash and 250,000 Fliff Coins on sign-up. Beyond that, users can get Fliff Cash by winning giveaways, buying additional Fliff Coins, or mailing in a request.

Fliff offers cash bonuses for inviting friends who end up using the app. In addition, Fliff has frequent sweepstakes activities that players can enter to win cash prizes.

Users can bet on 16 sports in the app, including esports and overseas soccer leagues. The WNBA and WTA tennis are listed in the app for women’s sports. As of this writing, Fliff does not have futures odds, only game-based predictions like moneyline, total, and point spread bets.

oddFlex Unique Features

Unlike Fliff, oddFlex is strictly virtual when it comes to rewards. For now. The app doesn’t award real cash yet. (More on that later.) However, it does provide daily credits, so users place bets daily.

A distinct feature of oddFlex is advanced metrics for users to track wins and losses and improve their betting strategies. Metrics for all bettors are public on the app, so you can see the records of friends and overall top performers.

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oddFlex’s plans include adding a BetMarket feature where top bettors can sell picks to others and earn real money. That will be how you can make money with oddFlex, which hopes to launch this feature in late 2022.

Like Fliff, oddFlex offers social betting on the major sports leagues in the US as well as overseas soccer, cricket, and rugby. Women’s sports include tennis, rugby, and the WNBA.

Even if sports betting becomes legal in California, Fliff and oddFlex provide an excellent way for sports fans to learn about betting in a fun manner for relatively small stakes. And if neither Prop 26 nor Prop 27 passes this November, these two apps — and more that will surely come to California — will own the California sports betting market for the time being.

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