San Diego Padres World Series Odds: FanDuel Doesn’t Like the Padres’ Chances

San Diego Padres World Series odds are up on all major US sportsbooks. The team sit in the second wild card spot in the National League, with a 2 1/2 game lead over the Phillies and 4 games over the Brewers, the only team with a chance to sneak into the playoff tournament.

The best Padres World Series odds come from Caesars California, which has San Diego at +2500 odds to win it all. Favorites to win the Series are the Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros, New York Yankees, and New York Mets.

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Padres World Series Odds Stay Steady at Most Sportsbooks

TeamDraftKingsFanDuelBetMGMCaesars Sportsbook
Los Angeles Dodgers+350+290+300+300
Houston Astros+425+380+400+380
New York Mets+500+500+500+500
New York Yankees+500+500+500+500
Atlanta Braves+800+950+800+850
Toronto Blue Jays+1400+2000+1500+1600
St. Louis Cardinals+2200+1700+1800+2000
Seattle Mariners+2500+2600+1000+2500
San Diego Padres+2800+4100+3500+2500
Tampa Bay Rays+3000+3200+2800+3000

Odds are updated as of Sept. 28, 2022.

The Padres have never won the World Series, and only twice has the franchise captured the pennant, in 1984 and 1998.

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Padres Finally Getting it Together for a World Series Run?

The Padres have gotten the offense in gear just in the nick of time to apparently secure a wild card spot. With eight games to go entering Wednesday, the team’s magic number is four.

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    Padres Futures Odds

    Odds to Win National League Pennant

    The Padres are 8-2 in their last eight games, which has shortened the odds for most books, for them to win the World Series or pennant.

    • BetMGM California: +1500 (unchanged)
    • Caesars Sportsbook California: +1500 (was +1300)
    • DraftKings California: +1200 (was +1400 last week)
    • FanDuel California: +1500 (was +2000 last week)

    Odds to Win 2022 World Series

    • BetMGM: +3500 (was +3000 last week)
    • Caesars: +2500 (was +3000 last week)
    • DraftKings: +2800 (was +3000 last week)
    • FanDuel: +4100 (was +4100 last week)

    Padres Schedule, Sept. 15-21

    The Padres conclude their season with a long homestand, which bodes well for their chances to hang onto the #2 wild card spot. That position still means they would go on the road to play the second-place team in the NL East in the three-game wild card round starting Friday, Oct. 7.

    • Thursday, Sept. 29: Dodgers at Padres
    • Friday, Sept. 30: White Sox at Diamondbacks
    • Saturday, Oct. 1: White Sox at Diamondbacks
    • Sunday, Oct. 2: White Sox at Diamondbacks
    • Monday, Oct. 3: Giants at Padres
    • Tuesday, Oct. 4: Giants at Padres
    • Wednesday, Oct. 5: Giants at Padres

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      How to Bet on MLB Games

      You can wager on MLB games in two standards ways: (1) moneyline; and (2) total runs, or Over/Under.

      On a moneyline bet, you simply pick the team you think will win, and if they prove victorious, you win the bet based on odds, such as +135 ($135 wins on a $100 wager).

      If you bet the total runs, you are choosing whether one or both teams will score over or under a certain number.

      You can also bet the run line, where you wager on the live scoring of the game based on what’s happening in the game as it occurs (as in BetMGM’s live sports betting app).

      Bettors can also wager on “First 5,” where you pick which team will lead after five innings. Or you can also seek prop bets, like which team will win the first inning, and so on. Check your sportsbook for prop bets available for your baseball betting.

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      What Are MLB Futures Bets?

      A futures bet is any wager on an event or series or anything else (like an award) that will happen in the future. Sportsbooks will give you odds on many futures markets, like winning the World Series, pennant, division, or even winning a certain number of games.

      Futures can also be special wagers like picking the World Series matchup (Padres vs. Astros, for example). If that matchup occurs, you can win no matter which team ends up winning the title. Most sports betting apps will list dozens of futures bets for MLB.

      San Diego Padres World Series Odds FAQs

      What do World Series odds mean?

      California sportsbooks use odds based on a $100 wager for a futures bet like World Series winner. For example, +200 is the same as 2-to-1, meaning a $100 bet that wins would pay out $200. So, +1000 would net you $1,000 on a $100 bet.

      Where do I find World Series odds?

      Most sportsbooks list their World Series odds on the MLB page in the “Team Futures” section. There, you should find odds for the World Series, as well as division winners and pennant winners.

      How often are World Series odds updated?

      Not as often as Super Bowl odds in the NFL, for example, as there are so many more games played in MLB so lines don’t really shift after individual games. More so, World Series odds will shift due to injuries, trades, or larger winning/losing trends. For instance, the Los Angeles Angels’ odds tanked after their 14-game losing streak in May and June.

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