Here Are the Groups That Support Prop 26 and Prop 27 in California, and Why

August 30, 2022 | By: Dan Holmes

If you live in California and watch TV, chances are you may be overwhelmed with constant ads for Prop 26 and Prop 27, the two sports betting initiatives on the November ballot. Sifting through political noise can be difficult in any election, let alone one that is shattering California campaign spending records. One way, however, […]

Prop 27 Has California Democrats, GOP Teaming Up. How Rare Is That?

August 29, 2022 | By: Dan Holmes

California Democrats and Republicans rarely agree on much of anything. Except online sports betting, apparently. Both the Democratic and Republican parties in California are against Prop 27, according to statements from party officials. Prop 27 would legalize online sports betting in a state that has the world’s fifth-largest economy. The Republicans also oppose Prop 26, which […]

If Prop 26 & Prop 27 Fail, What’s Next for California Sports Betting?

August 29, 2022 | By: Dan Holmes

With more than $360 million spent debating Prop 26 and Prop 27 in California, voters may be fatigued from the negativity of this election season. Prop 26 and Prop 27 would both legalize sports betting, but in markedly different ways. But what if voters are fed up and reject both ballot proposals? Folks have spent […]

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Prop 27: ‘It Is Not a Homeless Initiative’

August 26, 2022 | By: Matthew Bain

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has remained neutral in the California sports betting debate. But he shared some of his thoughts on Prop 27 while speaking with reporters in Los Angeles this week. Specifically, he touched on one of the main goals of the mobile sportsbooks-backed initiative. “I know initiatives and folks will say anything. Perhaps that […]

Fact-Checking the New Yes on Prop 27 Ad in California Sports Betting Battle

August 18, 2022 | By: Dan Holmes

A new advertisement that urges approval of California’s Prop 27 makes numerous claims about the impact of the sportsbooks-backed CA sports betting measure. The ad is part of an expensive high-profile marketing war between the supporters of both Prop 27 and Prop 26, the California tribes-backed sports betting measure. The 30-second ad addresses the tax […]

These Groups Have Donated the Most Money to Prop 26 and Prop 27 So Far

August 15, 2022 | By: Kris Johnson

There’s an ongoing arms race between supporters of California’s Prop 26 and Prop 27 sports betting ballot initiatives ahead of November’s election. Here are the largest monetary donations on the California Secretary of State’s database, as of Aug. 15. Largest Prop 26 Contributions California tribes dominate the list of largest contributions in support of Prop […]

Exclusive Survey: 62% of CA Sports Bettors Already Place Sports Bets Online

August 11, 2022 | By: Chris Gerlacher

In a recently commissioned California Casinos survey, 62% of respondents who identify as sports bettors or are interested in sports betting said they’re already placing sports wagers online. Recognizing the clear current demand for unregulated sportsbooks is critical for California regulators to understand. Not only is unregulated sports betting driving Californians to offshore sportsbooks. The […]

Two More California Education Organizations Vote to Oppose Prop 27

August 10, 2022 | By: Mary Shaffrey

Two more California education organizations came out on Wednesday against Prop 27, the measure that would legalize online sports betting in the state.  The California Federation of Teachers and the Association of California School Administrators both announced they oppose the ballot initiative. Their move comes weeks after the California Teachers Association made a similar announcement.  […]