3 Dealerless Poker Electronic Table Games Coming to Win-River Resort & Casino

Win-River Resort & Casino in Redding is adding three new Jackpot Blitz Electronic Table Games to its gaming floor.

Jackpot Digital announced on Tuesday that the Redding Rancheria Gaming Commission gave its licensing approval for three Jackpot Blitz ETGs. That’s the final step required before the gaming tables can be installed at the casino.

The Jackpot Blitz is a fully automated, electronic poker table game with an 84-inch 4K ultra-sensitive touch screen. Since it doesn’t require a dealer, 10 people can play poker at the same time instead of the standard eight.

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Some of the other unique features of Jackpot Blitz:

  • Side bet on every hand: Players can choose to bet what will show up on the three community “flop” cards at the beginning of every hand. For example: A player could bet that the three cards would be a straight flush at 45-to-1 odds. Three-of-a-kind comes with 35-to-1 odds. Ace, King, and Queen suited is 100-to-1 odds.
  • Mini games: Since poker is a game that can have plenty of down time, Jackpot Blitz has mini games players can play while they wait for their next hand to be dealt. Those mini games are blackjack, baccarat, and video poker.
  • No need to touch the screen: Players can also use hand gestures to control what happens on the screen.

“Inflationary salary pressures, combined with the significant shortage of dealer/casino employees, has made our product more attractive than ever before, and the Company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this macro trend in the industry,” Jackpot Digital President and CEO Jake Kalpakian said in a statement. “Through Jackpot Blitz’s innovative dealerless technology, casinos are quickly recognizing the benefits of more revenues by dealing more hands per hour while at the same time drastically reducing costs and eliminating operational/employee requirements all at once.”

Win-River Resort & Casino Details

Win-River Resort & Casino is owned by the Redding Rancheria. It currently features 600 slot machines, 12 table games (not including soon-to-be-installed Jackpot Blitz ETGs), a restaurant, a pub, a hotel, and a golf course. One of the smaller California Indian casinos, it is located in Redding, California, about 120 miles south of the Oregon border.

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