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According to California law, online casinos and online horse racing apps represent separate categories of digital enterprise, each of which are held to their own distinct rules and regulations. However, B Spot operates in a gray area since it’s both an online casino and an online horse racing app.

It’s unique business model allows it to operate in its own category, which in turn, means that it is not held to the anti-gambling laws that prevent online casinos from operating in certain states. As a result, B Spot is among the most widely available legal gaming sites in the US.

In a nutshell, B Spot allows you to wager on a randomly-generated spread of horse races. The outcomes of these horse races function as a random number generator, influencing the outcome of your casino games.

Below, we will dive deep into this one-of-a-kind app and explain everything in full.

Who Should Try B Spot Casino?

B Spot Casino’s target audience is obvious: Those who enjoy casinos and horse racing! However, it may carry wider appeal with casino fans, as it leans a little bit more toward the casino side of things. While the horse racing aspect of the app is enticing, it isn’t the same experience as race track betting.

It’s also a good choice if you don’t live in a state with legalized online gambling. Most likely, B Spot will be legal where you live. It isn’t classified as an online casino due to the way its game outcomes are calculated.

What Are The Purchase Bonuses At B Spot Casino?

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Since B Spot is such a new online casino, there aren’t any opening bonuses at this time. Instead, the casino offers a variety of purchase bonuses for horse races.

Basically, if you’re wager doesn’t win any payouts (which is unlikely given its widespread), you get a little bonus cash to help you keep enjoying the app. In this way, it’s difficult to run out of betting money with B Spot.

These purchase bonuses are categorized as Gold, Platinum, and Emerald. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Gold bonuses apply to any $20 bets. If you get a $0 return, you’ll get a bonus of $10+.
  • Platinum bonuses apply to $40 bets. A $0 return will earn you a bonus of $20+.
  • Emerald bonuses apply to $100 bets. If you get a $0 return, you’ll receive a $50+ bonus.

While these purchase bonuses are great for new players who are learning how the site works, we hope that B spot will offer opening bonuses in the future.

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How Does B Spot Work?

In a nutshell, B Spot is essentially a casino game and horse racing app that combines both activities into one. But even the way it offers horse race bets is different compared to other horse racing sites or brick-and-mortar race tracks.

B Spot uses automated algorithms to split your wager across several different bets. Think of it as similar to diversifying your portfolio the way you would on the stock market. Ultimately, this means you have less likelihood of losing your entire wager.

In addition to horse racing, B Spot offers Bingo and online slot games. B Spot is the closest thing you can find to an online “racino” (a horse racing facility that also offers regular casino games). Brick-and-mortar versions of these can only be found in a handful of US states. 

Yet, there is one thing that sets it apart from the racino model. At B Spot, the outcomes of your Bingo and online slot games are determined by the outcomes of horse races. That’s right! It’s a creative alternative to using the random number generators found at bonafide online casinos.

In practice, the outcomes still end up being random since horse races can’t be predicted with certainty. It’s more like B Spot uses the inherent randomness in the sport to act as a more fluid random number generator based on the real world.

But this does mean that you can place wagers and look at race details to get a good idea about whether or not you’re about to win a given game. All of this likely sounds a bit confusing, but most players get the hang of it fairly quickly after placing a few wagers.

How Does Betting Work At B Spot Casino?

Once you place down your wager, B Spot randomly chooses the races to which your wager will apply. If you don’t like its automated selections, you can hit “reshuffle”, which will materialize a totally new selection.

After you have reviewed the selection on a “race card” highlighted in the middle of the screen, you will lock in the bet. Unfortunately, you are unable to hand select the races or racers that you want to be applied to your next game.

This is done so that players can’t choose the best racers or horses and, thus, increase their odds of winning. It has to be random, or it wouldn’t be a truly random number generator. This keeps the site fully legal and allows it to avoid anti-gambling legislation that would otherwise outlaw it in several states.

Unlike many other casinos, B Spot has you select from predetermined wager amounts ranging from $20-$100. In this way, you don’t have total control over how much you bet, but it’s the only way that the site’s unique betting approach works.

How Do Promos And Bonuses Work At B Spot?

In addition to the previously-mentioned purchase bonuses, B Spot also runs monthly tournaments that are pretty similar to the ones you would find in Las Vegas horse racing locations.


For example, qualifying and final-round tournaments are open for most participants, but you have to play for a certain amount of time to qualify for these. You can then place wagers up to a certain amount and tally up your total winnings to determine your score. Those players who get high scores win bonus prize money at the end of all of these tournaments.

Promotional Bonuses

Regular promotional bonuses, like periodical cash infusions or special betting options, are also available to all players from time to time. These are pretty similar to the ones you find at regular online casinos. For example, one of B Spot’s most recent promotions was a deposit match bonus for new players for up to $50.

Sweepstakes Draws

In addition to the regular betting bonuses you automatically qualify for upon placing a wager, B Spot also offers money sweepstakes draw promotions. Whenever you place a $20, $40, or $100 bet, you’re automatically entered into a special sweepstakes draw.

$20 bets produce a single draw for a $100,000 sweepstakes prize. $40 bets produce a draw for a $250,000 pool, and $100 bets enter you into a $1 million pool. The more tickets you purchase (i.e. the more bets you place), the more draws you get. You don’t have to earn multiple entries but, of course, your chances of winning these big jackpots are increased the more tickets you have.

B Spot Casino: Player Experience (3/5)

The player experience at B Spot is undoubtedly hampered somewhat by its confusing mixture of horse racing and online casino games. The good news is that the connection between the two activities is mostly in the background.

Additionally, horse race wagering and finding games to play is quick and easy since both sections of the site are well-segmented, and navigating from one to the other is simple. This is doubly true since you can only buy wagers in denominations of $10, $20, $40, or $100. This also makes it easy to predict your potential winnings.

That said, we do wish that players had a little more control over what horse races their bets were placed on. While you can reshuffle the race card you are assigned as many times as you like, you don’t get full control at any point. This preserves the random number generator nature of the system, though, and keeps it legal.

The only other downside we’d mentioned is the inability to find and select your favorite games quickly. As with many other online casinos, B Spot could do with an interface upgrade that makes it easier to swap between different casino games. As it is, you have to scroll to your favorite game without any shortcuts.

B Spot Casino: Games And Tournaments Available (4/5)

B Spot does have a lot to like in terms of its games and tournaments. At the time of this writing, it offered 33 different casino games, ranging from Bingo to scratcher games to online slots. The games are of good quality, and B Spot itself works with different developers to frequently launch new, exclusive titles.

It offers 28 online slot games in diverse themes and with different rules. There are a few different arcade games, as well, but these are few and far between. The graphics are high quality, although there are definitely online casinos with flashier offerings elsewhere.

Meanwhile, B Spot determines the available tournaments. You’re automatically entered in these except for the big ones mentioned above. There isn’t a whole lot of variety, but the presence of tournaments at all is a big positive point. This is especially true since B Spot is available in many states where traditional online casinos aren’t legal.

As such, B Spot may be the only place for many casino enthusiasts to get their tournament fix without breaking the law.

B Spot Casino: Deposit And Withdrawal Options (4/5)

B Spot offers a handful of different ways in which you can make deposits and purchase bet packages. In keeping with traditional regulations, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation holds all the payments, winnings, and cash deposits placed through B Spot. This ensures that everyone’s money is handled securely, so you should never have any issues with receiving a payment if you happen to win big.


There are a few different ways in which you can make a deposit. FastTrack Cash allows you to make an online bank transfer using electronic checks or ACH. You can also use MasterCard and Visa credit or debit cards if that works better. Unlike many other online casinos, B Spot lets you use any prepaid gift cards from either of those two card companies.


Withdrawals are a little more complicated and a bit clunky. You have to email or call B Spot’s support team to begin the withdrawal process. At most online casinos, you’d be allowed to cash out immediately and wire the money straight to your account.

Once you’ve contacted B Spot’s support team, you’ll need to specify how much money you want to withdraw from your bank balance within the app.

B Spot has said that it wants to speed up the process and enable automatic withdrawals. It even wants to bring live chat withdrawal requests to the table.

All in all, this withdrawal process takes a few extra steps compared to most other online casinos and is a solid downside. When you eventually get your request processed, you can retrieve your money via check, Visa or MasterCard, or ACH.

B Spot Casino: Mobile App (3/5)

B Spot does have a mobile app in addition to its main browser website. However, the mobile app is only available for iPhones or other Apple devices. It’s very easy to install straight from the iTunes or App Store, and is fairly intuitive to navigate and use. Compared to the desktop site, it’s a little clunkier, and finding your favorite game could be a bit trickier due to the smaller screen size.

Overall, the Apple iOS app plays all the games without any lag and provides a smooth experience for casino and horse racing enthusiasts. It downloads quickly and currently has decent reviews.

The lack of an Android app is a bit of a bummer. But the good news is that the browser site is well-optimized for mobile users. Thus, Android device owners can simply visit the main site on their mobile browser for a reasonably user friendly experience.

B Spot Casino: Customer Service (4/5)

B Spot has a well-run customer service team that’s available through four different channels.

You can email B Spot at [email protected], or you can give them a call at 844-462-7768. You can also fax them a withdrawal request at 503-350-0232. Finally, you can directly mail B Spot using the mailing address on the main website.

In any case, customer service is usually quite quick to respond. The lack of a live chat feature is a small drawback, as it means you normally have to wait up to an hour for an email response even for small inquiries. The phone line is a pretty good option for easy or simple questions. It’s available daily from 9:00am to 6:00pm PST.

Is It Safe To Play B Spot Casino?

Is My Information Safe On B Spot Casino?

Yes. B Spot is a legitimate and licensed website that uses SSL certification to ensure that the sensitive information of its users is never compromised or easily stolen. Although there’s never any 100% guarantee that your information will be secure on any online casino site, B Spot has pretty solid security.

Additionally, the FDIC handles all of the deposit and winning information. B Spot is never in charge of the money you deposit or withdraw, so that’s one less security risk to worry about.

Is B Spot Casino Legit?

Yes. B Spot is a licensed advance deposit wagering (ADW) hub. This means that it is authorized to allow Internet wagering for horse races throughout the US, although they aren’t currently legal in every state. It is legal in any state that currently allows online horse racing.

It holds a license from the Oregon Racing Commission, specifically. This marks it as a legitimate gambling organization and a site you can trust.


B Spot Casino FAQ

Can you win real money at B Spot?

Yes. When you place a wager, you’ll end up winning money based on the results of horse races. The results of the races influence the outcomes of your casino games. It’s functionally the same as winning real money at any other legal online casino.

How old do you have to be to wager on B Spot?

You need to be 21-years-old to make a wager on B Spot. This is a site-wide policy to make sure that it complies with all of the states in which it currently operates.

In what states are you allowed to play B Spot?

There are currently over 20 states in which you can play on B Spot. These states include Alabama, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Do you have to make a purchase to play the games at B Spot?

Yes. You can make purchases for certain wagers between $20 and $100. You aren’t able to start participating unless you place a wager. 

How do you get paid from B Spot if you end up winning?

Once you win a casino game, your winnings will be added to your account’s balance. You can withdraw money from this balance whenever you like, but you have to place a withdrawal request through one of the customer service channels described above.

Does B Spot have an iOS or Android app available?

As mentioned, B Spot only has an iOS app at this time. It’s undoubtedly in the process of creating an Android app, but Google’s policy against any gambling apps has likely slowed this process. It may eventually make an Android app for download right on its website.

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