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Funzpoints is a relatively new online casino where players in California can enjoy themselves without spending a dime. Players have the option of using the site for free or purchasing digital currencies for a chance to win some sweet cash prizes.

The site offers over two dozen slots games, high return-to-player (RTP) payouts, and tons of opportunities to accumulate free points (i.e. write-ins, spinning the wheel, and other promos). Below, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Funzpoints and give you our exclusive Funzpoints promo code.

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Funzpoints Promo Code October 2022

Funzpoints is perfect for gamers who enjoy the promotional sweepstakes model of gaming. It’s one of the most active online casino sites, with new games constantly in the pipeline and advertised on the main site.

It’s a good place to check out if you want to enjoy casino-style games without spending any money. The free, or Standard, version of the site has a lot to offer, and it’s easy to get more points progressively without purchasing a point bundle. The Premium version of the site is undoubtedly superior and offers the entire slot game catalog.

Be sure to use our exclusive Funzpoints promo code.

Funzpoints Promo CodeClick to claim
Welcome Bonus250 Premium Points
Extra Purchase Bonus100% first purchase up to $20
What States Allow FunzpointsAll US states, except Washington and Idaho
Promo Code Verified forOctober 2022
Player Experience

Funzpoints works by offering two modes: Standard or Premium (reflecting its points system).

Standard Mode

You can play the Standard version of the site without spending a dime. You can get Standard Points by spinning a “funzwheel” every three hours, which adds a random amount of Standard Points to your on-site bank.

You’ll also get chances to play for free on certain slot games. You have to use at least eight points per spin or action, but you also get a free ticket for a daily $350 jackpot draw after building up 500 Standard Points. Standard players also have to deal with pop-up ads and don’t get free access to all the available games.

Premium Mode

The Premium mode gives you access to all of the games on the Funzpoints Casino website without having to deal with ads. Additional booster games are also unlocked and you can cash out your Premium Points for cash prizes.

Special Site Features

Funzpoints provides a number of unique features that make the player experience rewarding. Aside from the main games, there are three additional extra functions: Boosters, Funzone, and Mystery Gift Prizes.

  • Booster games can pop up at any time while you are on the site. These are basically bonus versions of existing games that have higher stakes and allow you to win more Standard or Premium Points.
  • As you earn points, you’ll gain “levels.” Completing a level will take you to a special Funzone which, you guessed it, gives you even more opportunities to earn extra Funzpoints.
  • The Mystery Gift system is essentially a loyalty program that randomly rewards you with free Funzpoints, which are deposited into your account now and again. 

We think that anyone looking to take the site seriously will want to spend the $4.99 minimum required to enter the Premium mode. It’s the only way you’ll be able to fully enjoy everything that the site offers to its fullest.

Game Variety

At Funzpoints, players will mostly find slots, with the exception of a single “Paintball Keno” game. However, new slots games are added about once every month, and most of these are available for Premium players. There is a downside: There aren’t any table games. However, if you really like slots, you’re in luck.

Most of the slot games have entertaining themes, plus special bonus games or free spins to ensure that gameplay is dynamic and interesting. All the slot games run well on mobile devices, although they require you to flip your phone into landscape mode every time.

All in all, most slots enthusiasts will find Funzpoints’ offerings to be well worth their time and money. Funzpoints games have an RTP of 96.5%. This measures how much of the percentage of stakes you can expect to get for each spin. So if you play with 100 standard points, you can expect to get at least 96.5 of them back.


Purchasing Standard Point bundles at Funzpoints is pretty simple and easy. You can connect multiple debit or credit cards to your Funzpoints account in just a couple of minutes.

The majority of cards from major banks are welcomed, and purchases occur instantaneously. There’s wide range of point bundles available for purchase, ranging from $4.99 to $99.99.

Redeeming your Premium Points is also easy. Remember that there is a 2,000-point minimum before you can redeem those Premium Points for a $20 cash prize. When you decide to redeem your points, you can make a withdrawal to a local bank. Withdrawal happens instantaneously, but you might not find your winnings in your account for 1-2 business days. Using our Funzpoints promo code, you can get 250 Premium Points free.

The only downside is that you can’t connect PayPal or Skrill to the account, which limits its versatility.

One other thing that’s great about Funzpoints is that you can set purchase limits for the day, week, or month. You can either set a specific limit down to the cent or you can use a selection of preset amounts like $20, $50, or $100. You can even set a special control to exclude yourself from the website for a day, week, or month if you want to curtail your time spent on the site. 


One of the big ways in which Funzpoints falls behind the competition is its lack of a mobile app. It’s a newer promotional sweepstakes casino site, so perhaps an app is in the pipeline and will be launched in the future.

For now, everyone can access Funzpoints Casino via the desktop browser. The good news is that this browser is optimized for mobile and regular computer use. You should not see any downgrade in performance or graphics compared to other online casinos on the market. Games load almost instantaneously and the menus are responsive and intuitive.

Just keep in mind that all games must be played in landscape mode if you play on your mobile device. The interface is nice if you find a game that you prefer over the others, especially since the left side highlights the last game you played. You’ll also be able to scroll through the game library using big arrows — it’s almost impossible to get lost.

We also like that the screen features a countdown toward your next funzwheel spin, which is super important for Standard mode players. Since the clock resets every three hours, making the most of your free points is a snap.

Customer Service

Funzpoints has a customer service team that responds via email. Typical response times hover between 1-6 hours, although more complex queries may take up to 1-2 business days before you get an adequate response.

It’s a bummer that there isn’t a live chat section on the site, which would allow for rapid responses to minor inquiries.

There’s also an FAQs section located right on the main site. This is a great place to visit if you have simple questions about where to navigate or how to solve minor technical confusion.  


Funzpoints shines despite its lack of a mobile app thanks to its Premium Mode, excellent game selection, and ease of play on desktop and mobile. It might not be the fanciest online casino in California, but it’s certainly hard to find any significant flaws. For consistent entertainment and fun, Funzpoints is an excellent choice.

5-Minute Guide to California Online Casinos

How Do Promotional Sweepstakes Casinos Work in California?

Promotional sweepstakes casinos work the same way in California as they do in dozens of other states. In a nutshell, these sites are legal because players don’t directly bet money on games of chance. Instead, promotional sweepstakes casinos like Funzpoints allow players to earn Standard Points through regular play or promos, or by purchasing bundles.

These Standard Points can be used for a variety of games but do not have real monetary value. However, players can also earn Premium Points from winning games or promos, or by purchasing Standard Point bundles. For instance, when a player spends $4.99 on Standard Points, they’ll also get a handful of Premium Points.

Those Premium Points can then be played with certain slots titles. After accumulating a certain amount of Premium Points, players can exchange those for cash prizes. This all keeps promotional sweepstakes sites totally legal throughout most of the US.

How Do Purchases Work at Funzpoints?

Funzpoints Casino is an attractive promotional sweepstakes casino site because you can play most of the games for free. You don’t have to make any purchases since the site offers random prizes and bonuses from time to time. These bonuses award Standard Points that you can use to enjoy the online casino’s various game offerings.

You can also make purchases for Standard Point bundles. The minimum amount is $4.99. However, you can go all the way up to $99.99, which awards 20,000 Standard Points plus an additional 10,000 Premium Points.

Purchases can be made with standard debit or credit cards, including some prepaid card brands.

How Do Redemptions Work at Funzpoints?

When it comes to redemptions, you’ll need to build up at least 2,000 Premium Points. This equates to a cash prize of about $20. You also have a maximum transaction limit of $2,000, which is great if you win one of the promos and strike it rich via one of the jackpots.

Redemptions occur via local bank transfers, so wiring is pretty fast and you should get your cash prize within 48 hours.

How Can You Get Premium Points Through Entry by Mail at Funzpoints?

As with other promotional sweepstakes casino sites, Funzpoints allows you to mail in a request for extra Premium Points. You can get these points totally for free (aside from the price for the required stamp). Here’s the process:

  1. On a postcard or regular sheet of paper, handwrite your name, address, Funzpoints display name, and the email address associated with your account.
  2. Write out your request for Premium Points.
  3. Mail the request, in a stamped #10 envelope, to the following address: Woopla Inc, 58 Glenda Crescent, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1S 2M5 Canada.

After mailing in this request to Funzpoints, you’ll get 1,000 Standard Points plus an additional 500 Premium Points deposited in your Funzwallet. These points should show up within 1-2 business days. You are limited to one points request every five working days.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes by Playing at FunzPoints Casino?

At Funzpoints, rather than using Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, players use Standard and Premium Points as currency. Only certain games are playable with the Premium Points. As you accumulate Premium Points by either participating in promotions or by purchasing Standard Point bundles, you can eventually play these games.

Once you reach a minimum of 2,000 Premium Points, you’ll be able to redeem those points for a cash prize that will be wired straight to your account.

It’s technically not necessary to make a purchase to win a cash prize on Funzpoints because of all the promotions and sweepstakes competitions going on all the time. Still, you’ll earn more Premium Points more quickly by purchasing Standard Point bundles and actively playing the games.

Is It Safe to Play Funzpoints?

Are Promotional Sweepstakes Casinos Legal in the US?

Yes. Promotional sweepstakes sites are legal in the US since most anti-gambling legislation prevents players from putting real money on the line for any games of chance.

Even though promotional sweepstakes games are games of chance, you never put real money on the line since you are playing with fake digital currencies. For Funzpoints, these are Standard and Premium Points, neither of which are directly translatable to real-world currencies.

Washington and Idaho are the exceptions.

Is User Information Secure on Funzpoints?

Yes. For starters, Funzpoints uses the latest encryption and antivirus protection on the main website. This can easily be seen via a padlock icon at the top of the address bar when you visit the website.

This means that your personal information is not easy to get, so you don’t need to worry about hacking issues when you visit or when you provide your account information for a redemption.

Funzpoints FAQs

How old do I have to be to play Funzpoints?

You have to be 18 years old to play at Funzpoints in California or anywhere else. This has nothing to do with the state and is instead a requirement by Funzpoints to make sure that only legal adults are spending money and cashing out prizes using its website.

Does Funzpoints have an iOS or Android app in California?

Funzpoints Casino doesn’t have an app anywhere for anyone at this time. Instead, all players can enjoy its games using the desktop or browser site. A mobile app may be in the pipeline or in development at this time, but Funzpoints hasn’t indicated that an app is coming as of yet.

How do I get paid by Funzpoints if I win?

You accumulate Premium Points by participating in promotions, purchasing Standard Point bundles and getting the Premium Points as a bonus, or by playing Premium Points games. After you accumulate at least 2,000 Premium Points, you can exchange those points for a cash prize that can be wired straight to a bank account of your choosing.

Can I win real money at Funzpoints CA?

Not technically, since you can’t put real money down on any of the games. Instead, you can use Standard or Premium Points to accumulate a minimum number that you can exchange for a cash prize. It’s not quite the same thing as “winning” money.

You can, however, get 250 free Premium Points on sign-up using our Funzpoints promo code.

Do I have to make a purchase to play at Funzpoints?

No. You get a certain amount of free Standard Points just from signing up at the Funzpoints website and for spinning the special wheel that’s open every three hours. You can also get free points from promotions or from writing-in to the company. However, your playing options will be drastically more limited compared to if you spend a little money on the Standard Point bundles.

Will people who like gambling at a casino like the promotional sweepstakes casino experience?

Yes. While promotional sweepstakes casino sites don’t offer the thrill of real money on the line, they’re still good experiences if you like the types of games available at California retail casinos. There’s also still the possibility of getting a good cash prize for winning a jackpot on Funzpoints, so there’s plenty of excitement even with the built-in limitations of the promotional sweepstakes model.

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