When Is FanDuel Sportsbook Coming To California?

The FanDuel Sportsbook app is one of the best in the industry. Although it isn’t yet in California, it’s sure to make waves as soon as sports betting becomes legal within the state.

The mobile sportsbook offers one of the most intuitive and clean user interfaces for a mobile sports betting app we’ve ever seen. It also offers many wager options and excellent odds across all of its betting markets. While there are some mobile sportsbooks that offer more varied markets, FanDuel still has excellent features to offer. It’s sure to be a fan favorite when it inevitably launches.

Let’s dive in for a closer look at the sportsbook so you’ll be ready to go when it launches.

FanDuel California Sportsbook 2020

FanDuel California Promo CodeN/A
No Deposit BonusN/A
Risk-Free Bet$1000
Deposit/Match BonusN/A
What States Allow FanDuelNJ, PA, WV, CO, IN, IL, IA
FanDuel’s Land-Based PartnerN/A

FanDuel In California: Bonus And Promotional (4.5/5)

Unlike its primary competitor, DraftKings, FanDuel offers a much more straightforward opening bonus: a risk-free bet worth $1000. In a nutshell, the bonus covers up to $1000 in risk-free wagers as soon as you make a single wager on the mobile app. You get this without having to make a minimum deposit. Think of the $1000 as a “bank” of site credit you can take advantage of until you run out of that digital cushion cash.

If you win, nothing happens. You get what you would have normally based on the stakes of your wager. If you lose, you get the value of your wager up to $1000 in site credit. This means that you have to play through the site credit multiple times before you can withdraw any winnings derived directly from those wagers.

This serves as a really nice cushion for newcomers to sports betting and is sure to make FanDuel Sportsbook popular once it arrives in California. All in all, it’s a solid opening bonus with lots of real monetary value and an easy to understand rule scheme.  

FanDuel Sportsbook: Odds Vs The Competition (4.5/5)

In general, FanDuel is known for the competitive odds they offer across all of their sports betting markets. In fact, while DraftKings may have a slight edge in terms of market variety, FanDuel often has superior betting odds, making them possibly a better choice for longtime sports betting enthusiasts that want the most bang for their buck. 

There’s lots of odds variety to appreciate here. Futures bets can include championship odds, postseason odds, and even divisional odds, plus odds on play prop bets. An example is MLB player odds for the majority of wins or home runs.

In addition, FanDuel regularly offers odds boosts for live sports betting wagers. Basically, you’ll have a much higher chance of wagering with increased odds and bets if you take part in live sports betting on big game days. This is a regular feature for other competitive mobile sportsbooks, however, so it would be a serious downside if FanDuel didn’t offer this.

However, FanDuel doesn’t allow you to change your odds mid-game, and they’re only American. Thus, foreigners might find reading the odds numbers a bit tricky or confusing. Still, this part of the app gets high marks overall.

FanDuel Sportsbook: Market Depth And Variety (3.5/5)

FanDuel provides many of the staple markets you would expect from a high-quality and popular mobile sportsbook, while not offering quite as much variety compared to its kingpin competitor, DraftKings. Available wager types include proposition bets, moneyline, parlay, totals, and futures, for example.

In addition, they cover all the major markets, like professional basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and more. Even more impressive are their niche markets, which include sports and activities like MMA, Rugby, boxing, and even darts. Korean baseball and some international sports are also available.

Keep in mind that FanDuel’s college-level betting markets are restricted based on state. Until California’s sports betting legislation is finalized, it’s unknown how this will shake out for the app.

In the end, FanDuel’s market depth and variety are reasonably competitive without actually giving it the top spot. The other aspects of FanDuel might still make it the best mobile sportsbook for your needs depending on your wagering preferences.

FanDuel Mobile Sportsbook: Deposit And Cashout (4.5/5)

We can project FanDuel’s likely deposit and cash out options for California sports bettors based on their options in other states. There are nine different banking options available with the sportsbook’s mobile app depending on state laws. For example, you can make deposits with:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Checks
  • Prepaid cards
  • Mobile wallets like PayPal
  • eChecks or ACH transfers
  • Online bank transfers
  • Wire Transfers
  • Cash if you visit a partner to casino

Withdrawal options are, as per the industry standard, a little more limited, but still far from restrictive. It’s likely FanDuel’s mobile sportsbook will allow California bettors to make withdrawals with:

  • Checks
  • Prepaid cards
  • PayPal and other electronic options
  • eChecks

Considering that many other mobile sportsbooks will only have one or two withdrawal options, it’s clear that FanDuel does a good job in this regard.

Mobile FanDuel Sportsbook: Mobile App (4.7/5)

The mobile app for FanDuel’s sportsbook services is one of the best in the business. For starters, it looks fantastic, offering a clean and slick interface with a sizable font that isn’t difficult to read on a comparatively small screen when held up next to the desktop.

Most players will also really like the layout of different betting options – for example, spreads, totals, and prices can all be viewed in the same window without having to toggle back and forth.

Navigating the rest of the sportsbook should be pretty quick and easy, especially since there’s a search feature from letters A to Z at the bottom of the page. The mobile app is overall responsive and doesn’t often suffer from lag.

The betting slip automatically pops up on the screen when you pick a wager, allowing you to rapidly add bets to your slip during live games. All in all, the mobile app as a platform gets high marks.

FanDuel Sportsbook: Overall (4/5)

The FanDuel mobile app is sure to be a hit when it comes to California thanks to the quality of its user interface, excellent odds and prices, and reasonably deep betting markets. We’d like to see slightly more market variety in the future.

But it’s overall set to be one of the heavy hitters in the sports betting mobile app market once it arrives, especially since it offers plenty of deposit and withdrawal features and a solid opening bonus that will be particularly enticing to sports bettors that don’t have a lot of cash to risk upfront.

Is FanDuel Sportsbook Legit?

Yes, and you can count on that for a few key reasons:

  • The FanDuel mobile sportsbook is fully licensed and regulated by different states’ gaming regulatory divisions or bodies. Since the sportsbook is regulated by different agencies in various states, this effectively works out to multiple eyes constantly checking the sportsbook and making sure no funny business is going on.
  • There’s always a regulator available if one of FanDuel’s customers feel that something happened unfairly or if the experience didn’t live up to expectation.
  • FanDuel has hundreds of thousands of loyal users and folks who enjoy its sports betting markets and wagering opportunities every day. This itself is a form of vetting, as it’s unlikely that an illegal or cheating sportsbook would be so popular.
  • The FanDuel sportsbook is connected to the FanDuel daily fantasy sports app, which does currently operate in California. Since the latter is already legitimate, it’s likely that the sportsbook will also be so once it’s finally launched.
  • FanDuel is based in the United States instead of having a headquarters in some overseas country. This also adds to the app’s regulatory legitimacy and guarantees certain legal rights for all of its users.

Why Choose FanDuel Over Illegal Betting Sites?

The fact of the matter is that offshore or illegal betting sites aren’t worth your time and money and are risky investments.

  • Offshore sports betting sites don’t have any real regulation. As a result, if they were to steal your money, there would be no one you can turn to for legal recourse.
  • Sometimes, offshore betting sites harvest personal information for their customers and then sell that information to advertisers, hackers, or even cybercriminals. There’s no way to guarantee your personal information is safe with illegal betting sites.
  • Furthermore, any money you deposit into an illegal betting site could be used by that organization for whatever purposes they want. There’s no way to guarantee your money will actually show up in your account to be used for sports betting.

Basically, it may be frustrating that legal sports betting isn’t available in California at this time. But it’s a far better idea to wait for legal sports betting to arrive than it is to gamble through offshore betting sites.

Why Can You Trust The FanDuel Mobile Sportsbook With Your Money?

FanDuel’s mobile sportsbook and the desktop counterpart have SSL certification, essentially guaranteeing a certain level of encryption for all sensitive data and customer financial information. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to steal your personal information.

In addition, FanDuel uses in-depth and sophisticated antivirus software to protect both its base code and its users’ accounts from many online threats. This antivirus software is updated frequently, which is part of the reason why the app itself gets updates from time to time.

Furthermore, the same regulatory agencies that oversee casinos in other states also watch over FanDuel Sportsbook. Basically, the mobile app is overseen by your state government, and the same will likely be true when the mobile sportsbook finally comes to California.

This means it’s easy to contact a regulatory body if there is a discrepancy between your winnings and the money that shows up in your account.

Does FanDuel Offer Daily Fantasy Sports?

Yes! In fact, daily fantasy sports operate in a kind of legal gray area in California at this time. Basically, daily fantasy sports are neither legal nor illegal in California, and both FanDuel and DraftKings consider fantasy sports to be an activity of skill rather than of chance. As a result, they both offer daily fantasy sports for California residents.

Granted, this may change sometime in the future. But given the fact that most other states allow daily fantasy sports, it’s unlikely that California legislators will outlaw this activity, especially since sports betting is on the horizon.

FanDuel Mobile Sportsbook Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21
What states is it legal in?NJ, PA, WV, NH, IA, IN, CO
Who is the sportsbook partner in California?N/A
Launch date in California2021 (estimated)

FanDuel Sportsbook FAQ

Is the FanDuel mobile sportsbook legal in California?

Not yet, but FanDuel Sportsbook is likely to launch shortly after sports betting becomes legal in California.

Can you make in-play wagers with FanDuel?

Yes. Odds for these wagers update in real-time and allow bettors to take advantage of in-the-moment opportunities.

How do you cash out at FanDuel's mobile sportsbook?

FanDuel immediately issues money to your account, which can then be withdrawn from one of several ways, including credit or debit card transfers or PayPal transfers.

What’s the minimum age of entry for FanDuel?

It will likely be 21, which is the legal gambling age for most gambling activities in California.

Does FanDuel provide any free bets or deposit bonuses?

FanDuel offers up to $1000 in risk-free wagers, effectively covering you with site credit if your initial wagers go south.

Who’s the primary land-based partner for the FanDuel mobile sportsbook in CA?

FanDuel hasn’t yet announced a land-based casino partnership in California from which they can launch a mobile sportsbook network. But there are plenty of casinos they can choose from when sports betting becomes legal.

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